Here you find some of my projects with a short description.
If you are interested to get more information visit the project or send me a message.

MIG Media

MIG Media a global innovation and technology service, focused exclusively on communications.
The service agency works with leading companies, helping them create and bring to market meaningful products, services, and experiences.

Autopost Message Service

The Autopost Message Service is an international communication service for motorists, cyclists and road users. The service is a platform for information exchange in several languages.

Video Security System

A video security system with data recording for the private environment. With this security system it is possible to have a live view in the observation object with computer and mobile from each internet connection. The system send an alarm message for each important event and it is possible to control electric devices.

OOO Kronostar

KRONOSTAR owned by the Swiss Kronoholding AG (Luzern) is the biggest manufacturer of wood-based panels in Russia. The project KRONOSTAR (Sharya, Kostroma Region) is also the largest investment project in the sphere of woodworking in Russia.


This was a real estate service of my wife, her sister who is an inside real estate agent. We attend friends, well known people and some good customers with their projects in Saint Petersburg.

Security System - Kaba / Dallmeier

Installation of a very powerful video security- and production observation system with biometric functions of the company Dallmeier electronic combined with the Kaba security system.


For the Formula 1 Racetrack company in Hockenheim I was designing the Logo 1994 and also additional materials. In this time I met a lot of very intersting people from the sports circus.

Power Monitor

The Power Monitor System of the company ARTronic GmbH is a disturbance analyzer for electric power. It is a complex combined software/hardware analyzing system based on own patents.
The international distribution company Wandel & Goldermann sold it in 23 countries.

WTS - Wagner Technik Service

The WTS website was one of my first websites.
I developed the logo and website in 1992 when Mr. Wagner started his business.
During the time we developed a complete seminar software.


The company Eltro GmbH (Heidelberg) was working in the military structures and develops optoelectronic systems. For one of the projects I was designing a 12-layer printed circuit board with the development system PADS for which I was responsible in the company.

Heidelberger Zement

When I was learning my 1st and 2nd profession at Heidelberger Zement AG my interest for electronic and computer-technique was starting.