Photo: Peter Maier




Know-how and important stages


  • Build up the organizational structure and information technology of the largest wood-processing production in Russia with 1200 employees for the KronoHolding AG.
  • Planning and execution of development, production and support of business software. Build and deployed worldwide the associated server infrastructure for the front-end software of SAP AG.
  • Organized as a shareholder of the company PARIS АОЗТ in Moscow trading in the Russian market.
  • Build up the company Artonic Computer Elekronik und Graphik GmbH as CEO with their products electronic contract development, measurement instruments based on own patents, graphic design and -production, computer sales and support.
  • Development and production of optoelectronic devices. Implementation of CAD development tools in the development structure of Eltro Optoelektonik GmbH. Set up the PC network and support structure.
  • Further education as Elektronikprüfgerätemechaniker. Worked and trained in the central calibration center of the German Army. Training of independent action and leadership topics.
  • For cement production of HeidelbergCement AG the electrical systems and measurement and control systems programmed and maintained.


Interesting tasks and projects offer opportunities, but the question is, how to recognize and implement.