Up-to-date and all the time and everywhere present...
The question occurs if it is really necessary and does it make sense?

I try to answer this question for myself with this homepage.
And because it is a open-result project I don't know the future results of the project. In the moment I only know the current requirements. The requirements for the future I only can guess...

Peter MaierOn the one hand it helps people who like to know something about me to have a short way to the information and also people from my younger days which I have lost from the eyes have the possibility to find me again.

On the other hand it offers me the possibility to present to the public some of my works and materials which I have developed. Maybe it help somebody in the solution of his problem.

But nevertheless in the end it's for me a sandbox in which I can test my developments and where I get This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Here I figure out my ideas to find out if they are usable for other projects.

In this sense I am glad if you find something helpful.


With best regards from Saint Petersburg

Peter Maier